two brands, one store

Gravity x Catalyst brings together the apparel brand, Gravity LA, and the jewelry brand, Catalyst Jewelry, in a unique space to cultivate the millennial culture, and inspire individuals with our causes.



620 1/2 S. La Brea Ave. 

Los Angeles, Ca 90036




gravity la

We saw a need and got together to fill it. The world outside of our paneled, comfortable homes is slowly dying. Wasting away from poverty, hunger, malnutrition, disease and infections, slavery, war, and many other injustices. So we decided to do something about it. 

GRAVITY LA was founded on December 21, 2013 to raise money to support those that are willing to leave their comfortable homes and venture out into the unknown and dangerous to bring hope, life, and love to those that are desperately in need of it. Although not a non-profit or cause-for-profit, we do our best to balance running a business and giving to further the cause. Unlike many cause-for-profits, we do not set a donation percentage so that our giving comes from a place of generosity and joy and not from a place of mandatory obligation. As we don't market ourselves as a cause-for-profit, we encourage everyone interested to ask about our story, our donations, and our passions and we will be more than happy to share. 

With a relentless and passionate intentionality, we can change this world together. 
Let's change gravity. 


catalyst jewelry

Catalyst's vision is to empower people to become that spark of change in the world through the jewelry they wear. By choosing Catalyst for everything jewelry, they join the movement of ethical and socially conscious fashion. 

In 2011, Steven Hartono and Olivia Michelle founded the company to become a catalyst in the jewelry industry and in the world. Olivia, who leads the production and design, has been in the jewelry industry for over a decade with a triple degree from GIA. Steven, who leads the business development, has been in corporate management and has a double degree from UCLA. They take joy in customer service and educating their clients about their Los Angeles-made engagement, bridal, and fashion jewelry and they always donate a portion of their profits to a cause - such as ending human trafficking.

Catalyst Jewelry helps groom and bride with wedding bands and engagements rings - whether it be a diamond centerstone or any other precious gems, adorned with 14k, 18k or 24k gold or platinum. For the wedding day, Catalyst supplies dainty, minimal, and/or earthy bridal jewelry for the bridesmaids. Aside from fine jewelry, they also handcraft fashion jewelry made of rhodium plated sterling silver, rose gold plated or gold-filled and natural gemstones.